A Shakti Groovin’ Woman

Is continually unfolding, finding new self-understanding through healing, transformation, and growth

Explores her connection with Shakti (feminine energy) and her body, emotions, and her sensuality

Is led by her spiritual sight and connection with the Great Mother

Embodies Life Force that flows through her sensual rhythms, her wildness and freeness, her dreams birthed into life


If Shakti Groovin’ Woman is calling you to join her you are in the perfect place.

We’re so glad you found us!

“To me, Shakti Groovin Women means a way to discover the feminine energy source of consciousness through dance.” ~ Victoria Hernandez

“Shakti Groovin Women means empowering women, showing them how to tap into their spirituality or their inner self.” ~Jamie Hata

Shakti Groovin’ Women feel unafraid, integrally connected and confident, and in a safe space to feel themselves again. We connect spirit-led women together in sisterhood and support of each other’s empowerment, healing and growth.

Shakti Groovin’ Women is an inner journey that is about self-discovery and exploration. It’s about feeling your core femininity and your own unique expression of Shakti.

Each woman moves to her own rhythm and flow. She explores ways to embody her Shakti, claim the aliveness in her body and the connection to her heart, her spirit and her inner truth.

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