Woman Embrace Your Kali-Shakti Nature

Brave woman feel deeply,

Their love depends on it!

Woman’s power is in her capacity to feel,

To enter the depths with nothing, but

Her multidimensional expansiveness,

With each conscious breath

She creates star systems

and exhales galaxies

Her yoni is the gateway to bliss

Dark passage to the divine

Awakening the kundalini channel

Spiraling sky-dancer embracing existence



Her body is as receptive to her lover

As it is to god, the great beloved

Within and without merge

In every sigh and shudder

The movement of her hips

Mirrors the sacred spiral dance

of creation, the wonder and onesness

The ecstasy of birth,

And surrender to death

Transmuting it all in her heart-fire

She denies nothing,

She is full and voluptuous

Shadow and light interplay

On the curves of her body

Caressing the all of her

Skeleton woman and goddess


Nature’s Embrace by Josephine Wall

Woman embrace your Kali-Shakti nature

Deny yourself nothing

For the lover who loves you

Is the one who sees the beauty

In every leaf that grazes your skin

The grass on which your body rolls

the mud and blood, your bare bones,

Bathed in moon juice the way your spirit shines

The fine lines laughed into existence

The way you growl and howl and shake and break

And deny yourself nothing

The way the fruit drips from your lips

As you devour every ounce of bliss

And awaken again to consciousness

With nothing but your naked skin

And a smile that enlivens all creation!

~ By Talia Yanate



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Rim Zahra, Ph.D. is the founder of Shakti Groovin' Women. Rim (pron. Hreem) is a Sacred Embodiment Educator who is passionate about helping women feel empowered and connected to their bodies, minds and souls. Rim is also certified in alternative healing modalities. including Craniosacral Therapy, Myofascial Release and Visceral Manipulation.